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Northern Lights Auto Feminizovaná – BULK

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Popis produktu

Northern Lights Auto is a hybrid cross of Northern Lights and Lowryder #2. It is approximately 75% indica with the genetic balance provided by ruderalis. This strain produces good yields of dense indica buds coated with resin and is an easy-to-grow plant with great consistency.

Flowering takes off during week three and lasts for a further six weeks or perhaps a little more giving a total grow time of between 8.5 – 9 weeks. Northern Lights is a plant that does not smell as much as many other strains and is therefore suitable for stealth grows near neighbours. Plants remain fairly compact, especially indoors, although planted directly in the ground outdoors they will grow somewhat bigger responding well to higher amounts of sunlight. As with all auto-flowering plants growers in warmer climates will be able to harvest at least two crops per season and possible three.

Indoors each plant is capable of yielding around 100 gr. with outdoor-grown plants producing a lot more at a maximum of 250 gr/plant. The taste is quite earthy and pungent with some sweet notes on the finish. THC production is expected to be in the region of 15% with just 1% CBD. The effect is very indica-like, a sense of physical and mental relaxation which will allow users to unwind and chill out.

Počet semen
Typ kvetení
Vevnitř Venku Skleník
Spíš Indica
Doba květu
Od semínka 9 týdnů
Obsah THC
Obsah CBD
Northern Lights x Lowryder #2