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Platinum OG Fast Feminizovaná – BULK x 100

4 715  vč. DPH

Počet semen v balení: 100


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Počet semen
Typ kvetení
Vevnitř Venku Skleník
Spíš Indica
Doba květu
7 týdnů
Obsah THC
Extra vysoký
Obsah CBD
Master Kush x OG Kush x Afghani x Secret Hybrid
Střední, Vysoký

Platinum OG Fast Feminised is a mostly indica F1 hybrid strain bred from Master Kush, OG Kush, Afghani and a secret hybrid breeding plant. fast finishing times, good indoor yields rising to very good outdoors and high THC production mark this strain out as one for indica fans to grow.

Suitable for cultivation indoors and outdoors, this plant has a moderate appetite for nutrients and will finish in 7 weeks of florescence indoors or alternatively harvest at the end of September in northern latitudes. It is a hardy plant with good resistance to moulds. Its short flowering period means that it is a very suitable strain to grow outdoors in more marginal climate areas as it will be finished before the bad weather arrives. The buds are a bright, lime green flecked with orange hairs and with a generous coating of white “platinum” resin crystals.

Both scent and taste are earthy, woody and with pine notes. THC production is around 20% and the effect is very heavy and physically relaxing after an initial “heady” lift off. The strain is powerfully sedative and is therapeutically recommended for insomnia, anxiety, stress and pain relief.