Tiger One Bulk

Sherbet Fast Feminizovaná – BULK x 100

2 520  vč. DPH

Počet semen v balení: 100


Plně zabezpečený nákupní proces Zboží zasíláme v diskrétním balení
Počet semen
Typ kvetení
Vevnitř Venku Skleník
Spíš Indica
Doba květu
7 týdnů
Obsah THC
Obsah CBD
GSC x Pink Panties x Secret Hybrid
Střední, Vysoký

Sherbet Fast Feminised is a 3-way, indica-dominant F1 hybrid that was created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies, Pink Panties and a secret hybrid strain. It is a plant of medium height which has a delicious scent and a very sweet taste. FAST strains finish 1 – 2 weeks quicker than the strain upon which they are based.

Sherbet Fast is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing thanks to its early finish and good resistance to airborne mould infestations. Taking just 7 weeks to flower indoors, and ready by the end of September outdoors in the northern hemisphere, Sherbert Fast is eminently suitable for growing in more marginal regions as it will be mature and harvested before the bad weather rolls in. Outdoor yields are high while those gathered indoors will be between 350 – 400 gr/m2.

The scents and flavours of Sherbet fast version include sweet berries, citrus/Skunk and that sweet cookie-dough of GSC. Its effect is a full-body stone with a cerebral jolt. It is recommended to relieve stress, tension and bad funky moods.